Newsletter: 13/2/10: Writing Competition and Figment Prompts for Feb 4 — 8

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another edition of our newsletter. I hope you are doing well. Today, I have another competition and more Figment prompts to whet your imagination and pen on. In addition, we have a daily newspaper, called The Write Group Daily, that is read by people around the world and designed to help you write.

First, Writer’s Digest announces its 82nd Annual Writing Competition, with categories in Inspirational Writing (Spiritual/Religious), Memoirs/Personal Essay, Magazine Feature Article, Genre Short Story (Mystery, Romance, etc.), Mainstream/Literary Short Story, Rhyming Poetry, Non-rhyming Poetry, Stage Play, Television/Movie Script, Children’s/Young Adult Fiction — hopefully something for everyone. I really encourage you to consider competing in some competitions, just to get your name out there and build a portfolio of published work. Learn more here.

Which brings us to this week’s Figment prompts, designed to get you writing. In fact, this week, one of the prompts is from a guest writer, and she offers a method to create your own prompts, inspired by your own dreams of what you want to write. We also have another opening line and another photo prompt for you to explore and write into a poem, post or story. For inspiration, this is what I did with a picture of a No Wading sign. We all need to take a break sometimes and write just for the fun of it. The February 4 prompt asks us to do just that, as well as develop a memorable character. And finally, the February 5 prompt touches again on developing character, both of a placeholder character (who could become important) and a main character, mainly by describing the interaction, or lack of interaction, between them. As always, have fun.

Keep writing,

Att: Feb 4-8, 2013 Figments