Newsletter: 13/1/26: Writing Contests and Figment Daily Prompts Jan 22 — 25

Hi everyone,

I would like to begin this letter by bringing to your attention some competitions offered by Writer’s Digest, and to remind you that you can find competitions any day of the year through our competitions page on our Diigo site. The Writer’s Digest competitions regard a self-published-book submission (due April 1), a story or poem submission in various categories (Annual Competition, due May 1), a popular fiction submission (due in June) and a short short story submission (also due in June). The biggest prizes out of these competitions are exposure of your work and you, feedback from agents or editors (in some of the competitions) and confidence that you wrote something worth submitting and submitted something worth sharing and publishing.

As I mentioned in my last letter, one service the Write Group does not offer formally, but which we can share individually on a volunteer basis, is poem, story and screenplay manuscript editing. This is a good deal when you have a piece of work that you feel is ready to publish or submit to a competition. And it is a good deal for the editor and critiquer as it offers the opportunity to contribute constructively to the success of a fellow writer in our Group.

If you have not written anything lately, I would like to remind you that our next Write Group meeting is February 6, the first Wednesday of the coming month. That is in about ten days.

In addition, Figment has sent us another batch of craft-building and writing prompts. I never received a Jan 21 prompt, so this week we only get four to whet our minds and fingers with. Once again we have an opening line prompt and a photo prompt. What kind of adventures can a strong willed character, in this case a woman or girl, get into? How does she survive them? This opening line reminds me of a brave fool type of folktale, but think of the stories that surpass that. In the photo, it looks like a police officer is chasing another person. I wonder what happened, what is happening behind them and what will happen. Is it a crowd watching a parade, a protest, a line up for a movie or product? Is the chased person a protester, a pick-pocket or someone else entirely? The January 23 prompt has possibilities. Consider, if you think such a prompt would never lead anywhere, that Terry Brooks used just such an opener to start off his Kingdom of Landover series, now into its fifth published book. And finally, the January 24 prompt is very much a quickwrite, with a twist. It would be interesting to see what poems, stories and essays we each can create from this.

Enjoy these prompts and competitions, and keep writing,

Att: Jan 22-25, 2013 Figments