Newsletter: 13/1/18: Figment Daily Themes for January 14 — 18

Hi everybody,

Welcome to another edition of the Write Group newsletter.

A few years ago, one of the Write Group‘s previous members outlined an article to us about the top ten things successful writing groups do for their members. The Write Group, if I recall, actively engaged in most of these things at the time, and has since added many of the others. Top among these ten things a successful writing group provides its members are: a welcoming and supportive community of colleagues, oral reading of works, writing exercises and prompts, announcements of current markets and competitions, constructive peer critiques of works, and discussions on writing craft (not lessons, but sharing of ideas). Social media was just coming into its own then, and the Write Group has since added more of the list into our practice. We have added a multi-platform public and global presence for the Group and each of our members, providing exposure, reach, resources and networking. We are actually known world-wide now to published and unpublished writers, editors, agents, publishers and the public; our Twitter and Daily Paper contributions are anticipated by many; and through talks with the Town of Tofield, our presence will be cross-linked with theirs. We also added this letter, a means to deliver timely information of interest and keep us in touch.

One item on the top ten list we have not engaged in has always been there but never formally offered, simply because, despite being worthwhile and helpful to each of us, it demands a high time and professional commitment. A few of us, as you may know, have works ready to publish, but in need of editing and deeper critiquing than can be provided orally at a meeting. In each of the previous writing groups I was a part of prior to ours, this was the main, if not only, service of the group. In our last meeting, I offered this service to DG, since he has one book complete and a second well underway. I am not sure if this should be a formal Write Group offering, but if pairs or groups of the Write Group would like to informally and voluntarily help each other out in this respect, I am sure everyone involved will benefit. One of the advantages of the Write Group, because we are a community, is that we provide a hub for members with common interests, aspirations and investments in each other and our works. One of our goals is to help each of us to successful publication, and the “service” of editing colleagues’ works is one means contributing to that.

Having said that, please don’t swamp us with editing requests, but also don’t be scared to ask for or offer help on editing publication-ready manuscripts. The eyes of others can catch things we, with our stories alive in our minds, miss.

And this brings us to this week’s Figment Themes. Figment returns again to opening line and photo prompts, and it strikes me how connected or disparate these prompts could be this week. We often don’t think about the abilities of our characters beyond those which are useful to our story, but as the commercial goes everyone is good at something. So, for the January 15 prompt, what is your character good at or recognized for? I am not sure whether we speak naturally in iambic pentameter or not. I tend to think we are more fluid and dynamic in our dialogue, but the January 16 prompt wants us to get our characters talking “as naturally as possible” in this cadence. (Okay. …) The January 17 prompt reminds us to delve outside our minds and into some research of our lives and memories. If our characters experienced something we experienced instead of us, how would the experience differ, our characters act and our characters be affected? These last three prompts go back into three-dimensional character building and development. Incorporate these ideas into your works and see what happens. Enjoy.

Amazing photo. And as you stare at that, I will close this letter.

Keep writing and have fun,

Att: Jan 14-18, 2013 Figments
More Activities Added: In-meeting editing and Craft Talk