Newsletter: 13/1/5: Meeting on Wednesday and Figments for Jan 1 — 4

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our first Write Group mail this year. I hope you all had a great Holiday season and will have a wondrous, happy and prosperous new year.

Our first meeting this year will be in four days on Wednesday, January 9, 7:00 pm at the Tofield Town Office (library building). Bring your stories, bring your poems. Come enjoy the company of other writers. If anyone has any prompts or other material he or she would like to share, variety is always welcome. Also, if you would like to add a member page to our wiki, or contribute articles or posts to our bookmarked resources, please do. For the bookmarks, bring the URLs to me during the meeting and I will add your contributions to our Diigo. We all benefit from added resources.

Figment has offered us some more prompts to practice our writing and building our craft. I hope at least one of these inspires a story or poem from you. I include again the December 31 prompt from last week as it was extra then and this week Figment sent four prompts. How do you develop suspense and anticipation in your writing? The December 31 prompt drums up to a climax, while the January 1 prompt drifts through a contemplative scene. The next two prompts develop character again; character is so important in story and poem. A question here: are living things the only things that develop character? How does your character think? How does he/she/it decide? How does it express humour or, for that matter, other emotions? And what poem or story does the picture prompt of January 4 inspire from you? As always, enjoy and develop. Here is to richer writing.

And on that delicious note, I close this letter.

See you Wednesday, and keep writing,

Att: Dec 31, 2012 — Jan 4, 2013 Figments