Newsletter: 12/12/30: Happy New Year and Figments at the End of the Year

Hi everyone,

Wow. What great temperatures we have out there. I’m almost encouraged to get outside and go for a walk. Actually, I will probably do just that after I finish this letter.

So, here it is: the end of another year. We survived, and the new year is starting out on a good note. I see creative and productive writing in the months ahead.

I still have to arrange for our meeting in January. I am going to ask for January 9, since I received majority preference for that day, but I will let you know next weekend. There will be no meeting on January 2.

We have more Figment prompts for this week. Figment decided to throw tomorrow’s prompt in as well, so this week we have six to inspire our writing. Figment also decided to throw in a last-line prompt, rather than a first-line one. This prompt has possibilities, as does the photo prompt. Black and white certainly brings out the play of light just before a storm. Or is it after one? The December 24, 25 and 27 prompts offer us more character development opportunities. These ones skillfully reflect this time of the year; how does the play between one’s environment and one’s expectations (anticipation, discovery and nostalgia) affect one’s character? And finally, tomorrow’s prompt, the last of the year, brings us back to anticipation, discovery and nostalgia, and adds the suspense and pressure of a countdown to the mix. Nothing like upping the stakes toward a climax, huh? Enjoy.

And that wraps up another letter from me. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve, and keep writing.

Yours quilling,

Att: Dec 24-31, 2012 Figments