Newsletter: 12/12/23: Figment Prompts for Christmas and Other Holidays (Dec 17 — 21)

Hi everyone,

First, I wish to extend my warmest wishes and deepest hopes that you each have a happy Holiday season, practicing whatever customs, traditions and rites you do. For me it is Christmas, in the senses of St. Nich and the Nativity. So, I hope Santa is generous to you tomorrow and Christmas with presents of friends and family, a warm beverage, carols and movies, and other peaceful, safe and cozy comforts.

I hope you all took time to reflect on the events and significance of the Winter Solstice (more) and the Great End-of-the-world a couple of days ago. It was close. Schools in Battle River broke for the Holidays on Solstice day. Snow also fell, and, I can see, it is still falling today. 🙂

(Watch this video from Jerry Seinfeld on How to Write a Joke. Obviously, I need work.)

I received word from one of you that January 9, two days back into school, would be preferred for our next meeting. I like that; hopefully, work will not have piled up yet. I already know this conflicts for two of you; I apologize for that, but January 2 just is not reasonable. If anyone else can not or prefers not attend on January 9, let me know please. The options are: January 9, 16, 23 or skip January. January 2 and 30 are possible, but less so; February 6 is our February meeting.

And with that, I offer these writing prompts from Figment. It seems Figment has added the opening line to its roster of Monday prompts, so that and the photo prompt of Friday will be regulars. On the surface, this week’s opening line and photo prompts appear related, but do they have to be? What other than the obvious can you write for each of these? The December 18 and 20 prompts are all about character perception and character building. The December 18 one has the bonus of being seasonally appropriate. The December 20 one is almost the 18th’s opposite. The prompt for December 19 is meant to be a stress reliever, I think, but I wonder if it can be incorporated into a larger context. As always, enjoy, and once again happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays and keep writing,

Att: Dec 17-21, 2012 Figments