Newsletter: 12/12/8: Contests, Prompts (Dec 3-7) and More

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the wondrous festival of December. The spirit of the Season tingles in the air. You may be aware that today is the first day of Hanukkah, kicking off the Winter festivities. December is a great time to find inspiration for stories and time for writing. This time of year I personally like to write wearing my writing cardigan, drinking a cup of hot chocolate and playing Christmas music in the background.

I was inspired to search for some writing contests this week, so I have listed a few here. Also Figment offers more prompts for poetry and prose. I hope you enjoy the resources and the fun of writing.

Figment Theme Prompts

What does a color feel like, sound like, taste like, do? What happens to time when it slips by? How do people really sound when they speak, and what can we learn from this about dialogue we write? What do you feel, think and do when you don’t know essential information or have essential information which you do not, can not or have yet to share? And what can you make of this week’s photo prompt? Have fun.

Writing Contests

What is the true value of entering and winning a contest? Is it the prize, the practice, the exposure, the profile and resume boost, the gratification of having leaped, or something else?

The John Ciardi Prize for Poetry and G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction are offered annually for the best unpublished collection of poetry and work of short fiction. Prize for each is $1,000 and publication by BkMk Press. Deadline: January 15, 2013, postmark.

The Malahat Review 2013 Long Poem Prize is offered this year for a single poem or cycle of poems with a minimum of 10 published pages to a maximum of 20 published pages. Two awards of $1,000 CAD each are given. Deadline: February 1, 2013, postmark.

The 13th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition is offered annually for a 1500-or-fewer-word short story. Win up to $3,000 plus extras. Deadline: extended to December 17, 2012.

These sites list many more ongoing and upcoming contests:

For more contests, visit our contest bookmark page.

Other Things That Might Interest You

Writer’s Digest is interested in what you think about publishing, self-publishing, ebooks, agents and more. Take a survey, the results of which Writer’s Digest will take to the January 15-17, 2013, Digital Book World Conference and publish on writersdigest.com and digitalbookworld.com. Prize: Kindle Fire HD. Deadline: December 20, 2012.

Amazon Studios would like you to submit your script. They are looking for original stories to turn into great entertainment. Another way to get exposure.

Spark Anthology is looking for submissions as well. Spark is a quarterly anthology accepting Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Creative Non-Fiction. All great writing will be considered. Details are on the Spark website.

Finally, Adobe is offering Adobe Story, the best-kept secret in the Adobe Creative Cloud … free.

Once again, I hope you find these resources useful and fun to use. Have a great month and a great Holiday Season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice and Happy New Year. There are a lot of other Holidays worth celebrating this time of year. Enjoy these as well.

Keep writing,

Att: Dec 3-7, 2012 Figments