Newsletter: 12/11/17: Figment prompts for November 12 — 16

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather we are having this weekend. I find waking up to hoar frost rather magical. It set off last night’s fog rather nicely and inspires me to write.

I would like to start this letter off with a reminder and warning. Our next meeting is on December 5, the first Wednesday of next month, and not this Wednesday, November 21. Please don’t shiver outside of the Tofield Town Office in a few nights wondering what happened to the rest of us.

If you are wanting to go somewhere, remember that GK is acting in a dinner theatre/play, entitled Sorry, Wrong Chimney, in Holden. You can contact him and reread my last e-mail for details.

I came across a post from another writing group describing one of their meetings. I think you will enjoy, and hopefully recognize, this description. It is encouraging to hear that other groups meet and socialize as we do.

I end this e-mail with this week’s Figment prompts. The November 12 and 14 prompts ask you to rethink how you envision and describe things. The November 13 one asks you to use the structural pattern of one piece to write another one. Does the structure influence how the story or poem reads? And can you incorporate this into your writing? The last two prompts ask you to use a sentence or a photo respectively to write a fresh poem or prose. Enjoy.

That is it. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Keep writing,

Att: Nov 12-16, 2012 Figments