Newsletter: 12/10/28: Twas the week before Halloween and Figment Prompts for October 22 — 26

Hi everyone,

Well, we have moved. After unanimous vote both online and at our last meeting (by those seven of us who voted) and the okay from the Town, the Write Group is now meeting the first Wednesday of every month. Same place, same time, different date. Hopefully, this will allow those who had scheduling problems to attend our meetings.

If you haven’t ever attended one of our meetings, you should think about it. We are pretty friendly and very supportive, but even more importantly we are a community. Writing can be an exciting but lonely process. Yet a writing club is a great way to physically see that you are not alone, and to discover that others are interested in your hard work.

I can not emphasize enough how wonderful it is to listen to someone read his or her work and watch him or her develop over time. It is equally gratifying to realize that others see the same in you and look forward to new writing you wish to share.

Our next meeting is November 7 at 7:00 pm at the Tofield Town Office (library building). That is in two weeks, well, 10 days to be precise. We look forward to your presence and your stories or poems.

(By the way, one additional benefit to having our meetings the first Wednesday of every month is that we now can have a meeting in June. That is one more meeting to share our time and our writing.)

This week’s Figment prompts address the subtleties of non-traditional language and writing. Have you ever written a story or poem and suddenly realized that you cannot tell one character or scene or incident from another? Well, that is what this week’s Figments address. The October 22 and 25 prompts deal with the balance between revelation and withholding; they are about playing with the sharp double-edge of suspense. The October 23 and 24 prompts deal with using non-traditional language in non-traditional situations. Do your characters sound like you instead of themselves? Do they sound like each other? Which character is which? Finally, the October 26 prompt is another photo prompt. I can’t tell if that is a wax exhibit or an actual person. The lighting just seems so precisely directed. Hmm. The (Halloween) possibilities.

Enjoy the prompts.

Enjoy your Halloween everyone. Keep writing. I look forward to meeting you in ten days.

Att: Oct 22-26, 2012 Figments