Newsletter: 12/10/20: Meeting this Wednesday and Figments for October 15 — 19

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Atmosphere is what the writer sets in his poem or story to provoke a certain mood in his or her readers. It can involve everything from description to cadence to suspense. It is the tone of the poem or story. The setting is the first place where atmosphere is set; in fact, atmosphere is the hypotenuse of setting, forming the foundation upon which time and place balance. Halloween, with its many traditions and superstitions, is a great time to mention atmosphere, since Halloween thrives on it. Atmosphere is a great way to conquer writer’s block and write something for our Write Group meeting this Wednesday. Write something with atmosphere and suspense and you will entertain yourself, your readers and your fellow writers.

This week’s Figment prompts deal with atmosphere development. The October 15 and 17 prompts approach atmosphere via dialogue, the first by analyzing emotion as a way to change the way a story feels, the second by analyzing insider conversations as a means of selectively revealing information (in a way similar to imperfect point of view). The October 18 prompt encourages you to strengthen your story or poem and its atmosphere by “killing your darlings” and discovering the vital parts of your writing. Too much atmosphere can wash out its affect. The October 16 prompt does the opposite, suggesting incorporating elements into the poem or story to build up plot and atmosphere. And finally, the October 19 prompt is a photo that can evoke various forms of atmosphere, and so various stories or poems.

When you think about it, how you introduce and develop each element in your story or poem contributes atmosphere to the writing and has the potential to twist and mold your writing into different things. As you ponder the following prompts, consider how you use atmosphere in your stories and poems.

The Figment prompts for this week are:

Here be Figments

Next month is National Novel Writing Month. Have a story that is just bursting to be told? National Novel Writing Month is a great way to draft a story. Perhaps you want to try.

Interested in writing contests? There are various contests that are wrapping up on October 31 and various dates in November. Refer to Writer’s Digest’s Competitions page, Brick Road Poetry Book Contest page, One Act Play Contest page and Hackney Literary Awards page. Also, refer to our Diigo Competitions page. Good luck on any you enter.

Remember, our next meeting is this Wednesday, October 24, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. We meet in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Tofield Library).

Have a great weekend, keep writing and see you on Wednesday,

Att: Oct 15-19, 2012 Figments