Newsletter: 12/10/13: On Writer’s Block

Re: My response to a request for advice dealing with writer’s block

Hi everyone,

Ah, writer’s block. The best way to get rid of it is to stop trying to write, particularly to write what you think others want to read. Writer’s block happens when you don’t feel where a story or poem should go. Writing should be fun; when you stop having fun, you get blocked, and the quality of your writing suffers.

I recommend brainstorming things that interest you or that you are curious about. Then take a break. Do something completely unrelated. Don’t think about having to write or what you should write about. Instead, let your imagination lead you as you subconsciously consider the items on the list you wrote. Again, don’t think about writing; just watch the show your imagination tells you.

Even if nothing story comes from this, you will end up opening your imagination to writing. Fair warning though: just write. Don’t wonder what you should write about, otherwise you will block yourself again.

The key is to get your imagination flowing. Focussing on having to write builds a dam against writing.

Such a vicious circle!