Newsletter: 12/10/13: Figment Themes for October 8 — 12

Hi everyone,

Today’s e-mail is a little late; I have been a bit busy with some professional development.

Remember we have a meeting on October 24 this month (in eleven days). Write something spooky and come share it with us.

Also remember that there are several competitions that deadline on October 31. These can be found on the Writer’s Digest Competitions page, the Brick Road Poetry Book Contest page and the One Act Play Contest page. In addition, Writer’s Digest’s Short Short Story contest is due on November 15 and the Hackney Literary Awards ends on November 30. If these competitions don’t interest you, you may also check out our Diigo Competitions page, which is ever growing.

I currently have three, and maybe five, votes to change our regular monthly meeting from the last Wednesday of the month to the first Wednesday of the month. Since we have eight members of our fourteen who meet, and I have yet to contact one of our members, it looks like we might move our meetings to accommodate as many members as possible. If you want us to consider another day or week, please let me know which days you prefer we meet and which you cannot attend. (This includes staying on the last Wednesday of every month.) I need to know this, since I can only attempt to change the day we meet once. Please e-mail back and let me know your preferences.

Finally, once again, Figment has a week full of writing prompts for us. The October 9 and 11 prompts ask us to consider the influence of words on our writing. The October 8 prompt builds character. The October 10 one aids in the analysis of story structure and design. And of course the October 12 prompt is another picture prompt. This one seems rather mysterious. What has this mad scientist done?

I hope you all have a great ten days until our next meeting. I hope to see many of you there.

Keep writing (stuff to scare the soul),

Att: Oct 8-12, 2012 Figments