Newsletter: 12/10/6: Write Group meeting schedule change (reply needed)

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving long weekend.

As usual, I offer some Figment prompts and writing contests this month. But before I get to those, we have a meeting reschedule this month and a request from at least a couple (I suspect three) of our members.

Halloween, October 24

First, the last Wednesday of this month is Halloween, certainly my favourite Holiday of the year. Though that would be a great evening to hold a Write Group meeting, full of ghost stories and poems, I doubt many of us would show up as we partake of parties and trick-or-treaters. So, I rescheduled our October meeting a week early, on October 24, the third Wednesday of this month. I hope to see you then. Don’t forget to bring those spooky tales and harrowing poems.

Request to reschedule all meetings (need reply)

Second, I have had a request from some of our members to reschedule our meetings from the last to the first Wednesday of each month. A conflict in schedule prevents these members from attending any Wednesday other than the first one. So, I would appreciate a response from you about rescheduling our meeting to the first Wednesday of each month.

You might wonder why we have our meetings on Wednesday at all. Again this is due to member scheduling. For the same reason, Saturday and Sunday nights were never considered. However, to be fair, may you also supply days you cannot attend, days you prefer not to attend, days you can attend and days you prefer to attend. Hopefully we will find a day everyone would be happy with.

Having said that, we also have to book a room for whichever day we choose. If everything meshes together, we might have a new meeting day.

Figment Prompts

Once again, we have more theme prompts from Figment. I think the most general description I give for these prompts is that they build craft. The first one is a quickwrite without a prompt. The second has you play with sound and onomatopoeia, a great prompt for Halloween. The third encourages you to think about how your characters relate. The fourth is also a character building prompt, turned into a story or a poem. And the last is another photo prompt; this rather unusual photo has many poem and story possibilities.

Writing Contests

First, remember that Writer’s Digest has many contests that close on October 31. These competitions are their Science Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Horror, and Young Adult Fiction contests. Their Short Short Story competition closes on November 15. And there is also a bimonthly Your Story competition. You can find more details at the Writer’s Digest Competitions page.

In addition, three more competitions are offered.

The Brick Road Poetry Book Contest is offered for the best unpublished book-length collection of poetry. The winning entry receives publication, $1,000, and 25 copies of the printed book. Deadline: November 1.

The Hackney Literary Awards are offered for the best unpublished short stories and poetry. There are $5,000 in prizes available. Deadline: November 30.

The One Act Play Contest is offered annually as part of the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival for the best unpublished/unproduced one act play. The winner receives $1,500, publication, and more. Deadline: November 1.

And that is it from me. Remember, this month we are meeting on October 24, in little more than two weeks. And please e-mail me back to let me know about 1) meeting on the FIRST Wednesday of each month, and 2) which days you cannot meet and prefer to meet. Thank you.

Keep writing and see you on the 24th,

Att: Oct 1-5, 2012 Figments