Newsletter: 12/9/29: Figment Themes for September 24 — 28

Hi everyone,

Can you believe the weather we’re having? Sort of makes you want to set up a chair on the back lawn and write, doesn’t it?

And here are some Figment themes to help you. The first two of this week’s prompts aid in character building. The next two build scene action and description. And of course we have another photo prompt.

There are more prompts — both prosaic and poetic — for you to access on our Prompts page on our Diigo. Take a look and try some out. I am still bookmarking sites, so this list of prompt sites will continue to grow.

As a reminder, as well, Writer’s Digest still has several contests open until October 31 and beyond. The competitions are their Science Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Young Adult Fiction, and Short Short Story contests. And there is also a bimonthly Your Story competition. You can find more details at the Writer’s Digest Competitions page.

And you can find more competitions, from several sites and nations, including Canada, on our Diigo Competitions page. You never know what might catch your fancy. This list of competition sites also continues to grow.

I hope you all have a great month. I will see if we can move our October meeting to October 24 as the last Wednesday this October is October 31; I doubt anyone will show up for that one. This is the month to write and share those spooky ghost stories and poems to get us in the Hallowe’en spirit. Perhaps that last photo prompt can give you ideas. Wooahahahaha!

Keep writing and see you in October,

Att: Sep 24-28, 2012 Figments