Newsletter: 12/9/22: First Meeting Wednesday and Figment Themes for September 17 — 21

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

Today is the first day of Autumn. Anticipation blends with Indian Summer. And we have one big first. Our first meeting of the year is this Wednesday, September 26. We meet in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Library) at 7:00 pm.

What should you bring? Bring yourself, bring something you wrote, or are writing, to read (if you want to), bring something to write on and something to write (and erase) with, and bring your imaginations. We won’t be writing any exercises on Wednesday, but we might have some news and markets and contests to announce. Also, I think I will send you home with a prompt.

Do make a point to come, and meet other writers in your community. Just seeing others and hearing their works inspires writing. See who in your community loves writing too.

Speaking of writing, Writer’s Digest has extended the submission periods for a batch of writing contests until October 31 and has another contest open until November 15. The extended competitions are their Science Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Young Adult Fiction and Romance contests. The open contest is a Short Short Story competition. And there is a bimonthly Your Story competition. You can find more details at the Writer’s Digest Competitions page.

To help you prepare for these competitions, we have more Figment theme-prompts. You can check out the prompts on our wiki. This week’s prompts are a mixed bag, but they really all have to do with honing description and using it to vitalize your poetry and prose. The September 17 and 20 prompts do this through character, while the 18 and 19 prompts do it through aesthetic. Scroll slowly while you reveal the photograph featured on September 21. Reveal only down to the man’s hands and some of the black wire. What writing ideas come to mind when you see only this much of the photograph? Perhaps write based on this prompt. Then reveal the whole photograph. How have your ideas changed? Maybe you would like to write something new. Note how restricting what your audience (reader) sees changes what your audience (reader) perceives.

Also Writer’s Digest is hosting a free tutorial weekend until Monday. See what they have to offer.

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Have fun writing until our first meeting. See you on Wednesday.

Keep writing,

PS: Our Write Group wiki [now blog], or more correctly our Write Group Diigo, is shaping up quite nicely. They are still works in progress, but check them out and see where we are at. Also note, you can contribute to both of these as a member of the Write Group; in fact, we have a section for member pages on our wiki. Please contribute.

Another point of interest this Saturday regards our moon. Tonight is International Observe the Moon Night. Take some time to admire the moon tonight, knowing there are many events organized around the world to do so.

Like last week, Figment did not broadcast a summary of its theme-prompts today. This might be a new direction it is trying. So I offer this week’s themes as they appear in our wiki. Enjoy.

Att: Sep 17-21, 2012 Figments