Newsletter: 12/9/8: More Figment Theme Prompts (September 3 — 7)

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new year with the Write Group. We have two new people on the e-mail list since Thursday’s Don’t Hibernate Fair. I hope TM and AS decide that they would like to become active members of our group. I look forward to introducing them, and the four other people who expressed interest and took our pamphlet, to you at our September 26 meeting.

A little explanation about why you are receiving this e-mail. Two of the functions of the Write Group are to promote writing and to hone our crafts. To this end, we offer writing prompts for you to practice on at your convenience. I chose to feature prompts from Figment, since Figment creates daily prompts that not only encourage regular writing, but also hone one’s writing craft. It calls these “engineered” prompts theme prompts.

I get both the daily Figment theme prompts and weekly summary, and forward the weekly summary to you. (I figure one e-mail from me a week is plenty.) You choose what you want to write, if anything, and in what form; I just offer the opportunity.

Last week, I suggested that we make one of the prompts offered then as the basis of items we bring to read at our first meeting. Here is that prompt.

A lot of writers write with music or television, the outdoors or some other stimulation playing in the background. The following prompt asks you to reflect on and respond to that. How do you normally set the atmosphere for your writing, or do you have a favourite muse?

Prompt from Figment: Sound of Music: Choose a piece of instrumental music that you don’t normally listen to (or if you want to get crazy, have a friend choose it for you). Listen to the piece with your eyes closed and let your imagination go free. Does the song evoke a particular emotion? An image? A scenario? When you’re done listening, take the next ten minutes and free write whatever comes into your head and see what you end up with!

This week, Figment has not released its Saturday summary. This happened before and then I combined two weeks worth of prompts in one e-mail. Today, I just copied the daily prompts, so no fancy art work and layout accompany them. This week, Figment offers two character-development prompts, two deep experiential-description prompts, and of course a photo prompt. I hope you enjoy them.

Well, that’s it from me for another week. Keep smiling and safe, and keep writing,

Att: Sep 3-7, 2012 Figments