Newsletter: 12/9/3: New Year and Figment Theme Prompts for August 27 — 31

Hi everyone,

Well, it is September, and that marks a new year on many fronts.

Our first meeting this year is September 26 — the last Wednesday of the month — from 7:00 pm — 9:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the library). I look forward to seeing you all there and sharing our stories.

The Don’t Hibernate Fair will commence this Thursday, September 6, in the Tofield Town Hall (the building with the big room where you go for taxes, dinners, Farmer Markets and other events). I don’t know the times yet nor where we will be sitting. Please join me, and peruse other tables for other clubs you might interested in. Tofield has a lot to offer.

Writer’s Digest is hosting another writer’s contest, this one in the category of Young Adult. Read the details below. And, yeah, even with the six days since I received this notice, true to Writer’s Digest form, it is rather short notice.

As usual, Figment has more Theme Prompts to offer us. And here is this week’s batch. These prompts challenge you to explore the pace and flow of your stories, as well as play with point of view and conflict. (If the August 29 prompt looks familiar, it is. This is the same prompt as August 22, but how has your response changed?) The photo prompt this week is rather different. Is it as obvious as it seems?

A lot of writers write with music or television, the outdoors or some other stimulation playing in the background. August 30’s prompt asks you to reflect on and respond to that. Perhaps this should be our first homework assignment: How do you normally set the atmosphere for your writing, or do you have a favourite muse?

I hope you enjoy these prompts. They seem rather fun. I uploaded this batch (from June 2 to August 31) on our wiki, so if ever you are waiting for a little push with a twist, by all means check out the prompts.

Keep writing, and see you at the end of the month or at the Don’t Hibernate Fair.

Yours quilling,

Att: Aug 27-31, 2012 Figments