Newsletter: 12/8/25: DHF #2 and Figment Theme Prompts for August 20 — 24

Hi everyone,

Don’t Hibernate

Exciting news! The Don’t Hibernate Fair is back, this time on September 6; that is the first Thursday of September. Last year was the first Fair the Write Group participated in and we did great, attracting 8 new writers to our fold (originally of 6, now of 12) — we gained another three later in the year and lost a few, who moved away or became too busy. That is a great jump.

I’ve already booked half a table for this year and look forward to manning it again, so ushering in another Write Group meeting year. If you are interested in keeping me company, I will have the details of the time and where our station is later. It would be nice to see you there.

I also attached the brochure and sign up sheet I designed for the Fair. Let me know what you think; I can change anything.

Contribute Where You Participate

I hope you enjoyed the Write Group meetings last year. We plan on the same this year.

If you think we missed something, if you were expecting something different, if you wanted something we did not provide, or if we did something you did not like, let me know.

We are always trying to improve, within the scope of sharing, enjoying, critiquing and promoting each other’s works and love of writing. One suggestion, for instance, is that we move any writing exercises to the last 15 minutes, so those who do not wish to participate can leave early without missing anything. I think that is perfectly advised. In line with that, we can also provide monthly writing prompts for work between meetings (argh … homework? Shock! LOL) in those last 15 minutes. To be quite honest, I forgot to continue that last year; we had done it previously for many years. We are also going to work on seating; we encountered problems last year.

So, did our meetings go as smoothly as you liked, or did our cadence miss a beat? What do you think? This is your group. What can we change?

In addition, don’t forget we have an online presence, with our own wiki [now blog] , Twitter account, newspaper and other resources.

Thank you all for being part of our group last year — your participation enriches our meetings; adds refreshing variety, creativity and vitality; and inspires and empowers each of us. I look forward to seeing you all again on September 26 and each month afterward.

A Figment For Your Thoughts

Finally, once again Figment has provided us with writing prompts, designed to inspire our creative juices and hone our craft. I hope they inspire you. This week’s prompts deal with plot development and the nearly inevitable character development that goes with development of plot. I just read an article on this that I think might interest you before you jump into these prompts.

As always, enjoy the weekend and the week. Have fun at school, for those of you returning as students and teachers. And keep writing.

Yours quilling,

Att: Aug 20-24, 2012 Figments
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Att: DHF_signup.pdf