Newsletter: 12/8/12: More Figment Daily Themes for August 6 — 10

Hi everyone,

They’re here! Figment has released its newest round of Daily Theme Prompts. This week’s prompts are all about character development — with interesting twists. I hope you like them.

I also have some poetry prompts for you to consider. These are from Writer’s Digest. Nor do they have to be restricted to poetry; in fact, I just read an article which had as one suggestion (#5) that some passages of prose can benefit by being drafted as poems first.

While you are considering and responding to these prompts, keep in mind the various writing competitions I relayed last week.

As I mentioned above, our first meeting this year is on September 26. Before that is the Don’t Hibernate Club-fair. I enjoyed manning our booth last year and hope to do so again this one. The Don’t Hibernate Fair is a great place to find local clubs and organizations that members in your family or you can join. We have a lot of clubs in Tofield, so when the Fair comes take some time to look around. I will let you know, when I find out, when the Fair is this year.

Look shortly (later today) for a second e-mail from me that you might find interesting. This deals with Literary Agents, but has a contest and other tips in it too.

So, I am hoping you are all having a wonderful Summer. Keep writing, and take time to smell those roses. I wish you great success and fun.

Yours quilling,

Att: Aug 6-10, 2012 Figments