Newsletter: 12/7/17: Figment Daily Themes for July 9 — 13 and Storiad

Hi everyone,

Sorry for forwarding this to you so late. This weekend I was in east Saskatchewan for a funeral, a family reunion and a visit home. And I was playing with my nephew earlier today.


But here they are just chomping to meet you and see what you can make of them: your Figment Theme Prompts for July 9 to 13.

I hear cheers, right?


I have also been approached by a writer-agent-editor-publisher hub that wants us to join them for free. Essentially, writers introduce themselves and leave some samples on Storiad for free (you retain full copyright), and marketers subscribe to the site. Information, discussion and critiques are shared across all user levels. I haven’t had a chance to check the writing group part of the site yet, so I am neither endorsing nor warning about joining Storiad. This is the invitation.

Storiad: Hi TWG. Would you care to try out our new “Writing Group” service? It’s a free & easy [for] your group to share & collaborate. Just let us know!

TheWriteGroup: Checked out your website. What is the “Writing Group” service? I will have to bring this up with my group. We generally are a no-cost club.

Storiad: It’s free! Here’s info on how writing group use Storiad: http://t.co/XwEnKj8 + info on our “Instant Network”: http://t.co/QInPagj TY

Storiad: Just in case your group joins, your “Instant Network” code is “writegroup”. Now you’ll all be connected and ready to get to work!

TheWriteGroup: Hi. Sorry I haven’t got to you yet. I normally don’t contact my group until Saturday and then I have to wait for them. Still considering.

Storiad: No worries. You have everything needed to get started. After joining, we help match writers to publishers/publications also on Storiad.

That’s it. I hope you all continue to have a great Summer.

Keep writing,

Att: Jul 9-13, 2012 Figments