Newsletter: 12/7/7: Three opportunities to advertise yourself and Figment Theme Prompts for July 2 — 6

Hi everyone,

Opportunity 1

Exciting news! People are adding material to our wiki, opening the way to a truly collaborative resource site. Thank you, each, for adding a member page. Check out our member pages to see what they are all about. If you are interested in adding a page yourself, just drop me a line and I will reinvite you to join the wiki. I encourage anyone and everyone to contribute, even if you have not attended any meetings yet. Advantages of contributing including getting your name out there; associating that name with a home group, particularly ours; and providing a route or home for samples of your work. It is all about advertising yourself, your writing, the Write Group and Tofield.

Meanwhile, I am working on resources. I found quite a few and I am busily planning how best to organize and present them to best benefit us. Right now, I am working on craft and tips, though I have resources on markets, contest sites, and other writers and writer groups. These still have to be uploaded to the wiki. Our Daily paper already has many fans, is chalk full of writing information and is featured on the wiki.

Opportunity 2

Interested in exposing your name and work more? I was invited on Twitter to be interviewed about my ideas about my writing. The interview is a form interview (and it is long), but if you answer honestly (though not too personally) you learn a lot about yourself as a writer and others learn about you too. Here is the tweet that started it:


I tried to write for the group, but the questions weren’t designed that way, so I gave my own opinions and associated my answers to me, though I mentioned the Write Group a few times. You can read my interview here.

Opportunity 3

Wait? That’s not all? Someone else is interested that we write? Well, actually quite a few are, judging from the number of organizations and people following us on Twitter. But I am specifically referring to yet another request send to us to say hi to the world. This request is simple: four seconds, you just say you are a ___ writer/poet, write a quick e-mail and voila! you are on a video, along with 99 other writers. Here is the request:

[and the response: YouTube response]

Writing Prompts

And that brings us to this week’s Figment Theme Prompts. Barbara Abercrombie contributed three of them, all of which are thought-provoking and challenging. I hope you enjoy these prompts.

That about wraps up this week’s e-mail. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the Summer. I hear it is going to get quite hot this week, so stay safe.

Keep writing,

Att: Jul 2-6, 2012 Figments