Newsletter: 12/6/30: Canada Day Figment Daily Themes — June 25 — 29

Hi everyone,

Happy Canada Day (tomorrow); perhaps I will see you at the parade.

Mood, Style and Figments

I have another batch of Figment Theme Prompts that I hope you will enjoy. The first one is interesting; I am not sure what orange-coloured glasses reveal, but, hey, maybe there is something to it. I like the idea of rewriting a scene to evoke different moods; great exercise to practice atmosphere. Not interested? Perhaps you would like to vary the exercise to play with style and evoke different voices.

777 Challenge

I came across another exercise you might be interested in if you have a blog. It is called the 777 Challenge. Essentially, you go to the seventh page of your prose or poem(s), pick any seven lines or verses from that page, post it with or without commentary, then pass on the Challenge to seven other authors or poets that you know. This can be modified to suit your circumstances (paragraphs or stanzas instead of pages and poems, et cetera), and you can skip the chain-mail part if you like. The key points of the exercise of course are to drum interest in your writing and create a network of followers and supporters. It has a secondary effect in that it tells others and you that you are writing. Here is my response.

Wiki by Members

Hey, you could even write your response to the 777 Challenge on in our wiki. If you need me to reinvite you contribute to the wiki, please e-mail me and I will gladly do so. So far, DG and SL have expressed interest in creating or touching up their member pages, and MG has joined the wiki as a contributor. (Yeah, that’s not pressure at all.)

Another way to contribute to the wiki is to e-mail me your intent to do so and the material you wish to contribute. See the Write Group Wiki to see what others have done on their pages. The only difference here is that the history of the page will see me as the author, rather than you; I of course will credit you as the author and tag your work under your name. It would be nice to have your name attached to your material by you though.

I hope you all have a great Summer. I have already done quite a bit of writing, usually before I go to sleep.

Keep writing. Enjoy the moment. Have fun.

Yours quilling,

Att: Jun 25-29, 2012 Figments