Newsletter: 12/6/23: Figment Daily Themes for June 18 to June 22

Hi everyone,

First, happy Summer. I hope you enjoy it and the many opportunities and distractions it presents.

Figments: Gone to the Dogs

This week’s Theme Prompts from Figment are out, and characterization is the throughline. With you as a dog in the mix, they are sure to illicit interesting responses.

Writing Tips, Tricks and Strategies

I also want to point you to a great site for deep articles on writing tips, tricks, strategies and aspects. I subscribed us to a newsletter from the site; essentially, we will receive notification of new posts published to it. I hope this serves us well. In the meantime, please take a moment or an hour to peruse Socialpolitan: Fiction Writing Craft — Where Writers Meet and Hone Their Craft.

Write Group Wiki

Some of you have also expressed interest in contributing to our Write Group Wiki. Great! I am sure we will all benefit from new voices and new material. I know it has been a slow process, but I hope this wiki will become a great resource and means of communication for us between meetings. I am trying to funnel as many things through it as I can. If you are interested in contributing material to it, wish to comment on what we have on the wiki, or want to make suggestions, please contact me and I will uninvite, then reinvite, you to contribute to it. I encourage you to contribute; this after all is your wiki, for you, about you and hopefully by you.

Growth as a Writer

School is coming to a close (only four more days left). I know of several members, both students and teachers, who are excited about the coming of Summer break. I have finally found more time to write, and spent yesterday evening working on my Lost Room story — that is the one where the brother and sister find a book in their uncle’s library and end up in a different world. I also had a chance to study my notes and chapters on the original versions of this story and feel much more excited about the story. Several of my previous chapters are good enough to incorporate into the new version of the story; others, yeah … Interestingly, some of the chapters that I thought were really great before I hate right now; they seem so poorly written. I hope that is a sign that I have grown as a writer. I am thrilled at the growth and look forward to seeing how the new version plays out.

I hope you each have a chance to write and grow during this Summer. Keep those stories maturing in your imaginations and those pens flowing. Most of all, have fun.

As always, yours quilling,

Att: Jun 18-22, 2012 Figments