Newsletter: 12/6/17: Figment Daily Themes for June 11 — June 15

Hi everyone,

What a great Spring we’ve had. We have had a terrific mix of rain and sun. The weeds in my garden outnumber the plants!

So we have had a stunning week online. Our footprint has increased 400% since my last e-mail; we now have 105 Twitter followers, our Write Group Daily has had about 600 readers today alone, and we are getting lots of retweets, mentions and comments.

As we enter into the last week of Spring, I offer the following Figment prompts. To this I add this prompt as well: Writing Prompt: Use Unfamiliarity to Create Dramatic Tension.

For those of you who are dads, happy Father’s Day; for those of you who have dads, let them know how great they are.

Have a great week everyone.

Smile, keep writing and enjoy your Summer,

Att: Jun 11-15, 2012 Figments