Newsletter: 12/6/10: Write Group Daily and Figment Daily Themes (June 4 — 8)

Hi everyone,

I have more Figment theme-prompts to get you thinking about your writing. This particular set is rather eclectic, ranging from character sketches to poetry. I hope you enjoy the prompts and find some inspiration or insight about your writing through them.

Also, The Write Group Daily has been running for about a week now. Though I don’t select the articles that go into it, I am quite impressed by the inclusions and Paper.li’s ability to target our niche. I was wondering what you think about our paper; reviews from the outside world are favourable. Many writers, writing clubs, poets, editors, language arts gurus, publishers and other parties from around the World have commented on it, so our name is not only out there but getting well known; today alone so far we had approximately 20 new followers on our Twitter account.

What do you think about The Write Group Daily? Take a look at it and let me know; after all, it is designed for you. You may access it directly or through the page dedicated to it on our Wiki. To see the archives, just in case you missed them, click on the archive icon at the top left of the direct paper. To see similar papers, click on “The Write Group” link in Published by The Write Group, then select the Favourited Paper.lis tab.

Enjoy and keep writing.

Yours quilling,

Att: Jun 4-8, 2012 Figments