Newsletter: 12/6/2: Thanks and Figment Daily Themes for May 28 — June 1

Hi everyone,

They’re back. More Figment Theme Prompts have arrived.

I hope you all had a great year with the Write Group. I had a lot of fun meeting new faces, seeing old faces and exchanging great stories and adventures in writing. Thank you for making this such a great year.

We meet again on September 26. It seems a long time, but never ends up that way. I hope you all have a great Summer, mixed with leisure at home and exotic trips abroad … perhaps to Edmonton! Seriously, stay safe, have fun, write some and enjoy the green season.

I look forward to seeing you all again in September. You will continue to receive Figment Prompts and contest notices from me as these come along.

Which reminds me, I started a newspaper from paper.li for us. Go to our front page and click on the Write Group Daily for writing tips, information and news. It updates daily. I will embed a widget or a copy of the Daily on our wiki as well.

Until September, keep writing,

Att: May 28-31, 2012 Figments
Att: Jun 1-2, 2012 Figments