Newsletter: 12/5/5: Figment Daily Themes for April 30 to May 4

Hi everyone,

Another week passed brings another round of Figment Theme Prompts. It also brings us another week closer to our final meeting this year on May 30. I hope you are all doing well.

I have some interesting news to share. The Grade 10s in Tofield School began their poetry unit in English this week. I subbed for them yesterday. One of their tasks yesterday was to write a poem in one of the forms they had already learned, then share these with the class. There were some very reluctant students; they had a low opinion about this sharing business. I decided to break the ice by sharing one of my poems. And I had access to two: those I published in my writing blog, which you can link to through our wiki.

The poem I chose to share was Van Gogh and the Moon. It was a hit, particularly when I explained to the kids that the poem was an impromptu (five minute) response to a writing prompt in our group. So, yes, I got a chance to plug the Write Group as well; I told the kids that students from the school were part of the group, which piqued more interest. But more importantly, it got each of the students to open up and share some of their poems, not just those they wrote in class yesterday, but those they had written and had access to through their iPhones and other devices.

And really, these students had everything to be proud of. They have incredible imaginations and an appreciation for written communication.

Well, I hope you have a great week despite the damp weather. It is a great time to gather the family together and to share some writing together. Who knows, you might spark a writer. At the least, you will spark family bonding.

Keep writing.

Yours quilling,

Att: April 30 — May 4, 2012 Figments