Newsletter: 12/3/31: Final Figment Daily Themes — (Mar. 26 — Mar. 30)

Hi everyone,

Last Wednesday:

First, we had a great meeting last Wednesday. We gained two members, bringing our rank to thirteen! Welcome SA and LJ. (LJ has sat in on a few of our meetings before.) We also participated in a fun writing exercise that I posted in my writing blog, along with my response. I think everyone enjoyed that. If you missed the exercise, check out my post and try it at home. Take as long or as short as you like on it, and make it as long or as short as you like. The idea is to get those creative juices flowing and have fun.

Final Figment Prompts:

Second, as promised, here are the final Figment Daily Themes. I am not sure if Figment plans to start another round of prompts, or some exercises, but this is its promised last batch of Daily Themes. I hope you took advantage of these themes to help you improve your writing. I already saved these prompts as a PDF and will link to that, or embed it through Scribd, in our wiki.

Suggestions for Our Wiki:

(And, yes, I have to work on the wiki. Actually, you can help here. I would like a critique of the Welcome and About pages. I was thinking about transferring much of the Welcome page to the About one and composing a better welcome. How would you like our Welcome page to look? What should we include? Exclude? I would appreciate any input that would help promote us as a Tofield club. If you wish, provide me with links to web pages to other clubs in Tofield and area. I can create a club roll.)

Next Meeting and Spring Break:

Remember that our next meeting is April 25, the last Wednesday of April. I hope to see you all there.

For those of you on Spring break, such as me, have a great and relaxing week.

Happy writing. Keep it up.

Yours quilling,

Att: Mar 26-28, 2012 Figments
Att: Mar 29-30, 2012 Figments