About writing …

You have to have the courage to write badly.

“So many people who are interested in becoming writers seem to think that first they learn to write, then they come up with a plot, then they make their story, then they get published and become rich and famous. But no,

“you have to stride off half-cocked! You have to run without boots or mitts into the winter night because you heard a scream out there. You have to claim the right to be wrong. And you have to find out what’s happening in the fiction by being in the middle of it yourself. You have to know that the correct order of things is: ready, fire, aim. In other words, write badly, read and understand it, then revise.

“Rich and famous don’t matter.

— Reg Silvester

Silvester, Reg. (2004.) Saskatchewan Writers: Lives Past and Present. Trade Books Based in Scholorship (TBS) Series, Volume 13. Hodgson, Heather. (Ed.) Canadian Plains Research Center: University of Regina Press. Pg. 203.