There are only a few certain guarantees in life. One is how literary works can narrate your life. Please, take this week as prime example.

I have had weeks like this before, usually as King Claudius can attest, troubles come in battalions rather than the one-and-done situations.

Ain't nobody gonna take my car... (Deep Purple)

Ain’t nobody gonna take my car…

The car crash was an example of trials that are out of your control. You can plan and plan and then when you get there, all hell breaks loose (from Harry Potter Deathly Hallows). Well when the 93 T-Bird shot across my path I had just enough time to mutter, “Oh no, not again.” (Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy)

Hello air bag, nice to meet you, finally.

So, gratefully I confess that I suffered no serious harm. Now we are in the unique position of car shopping once again. While some may not perceive this as a trial, we were quite happy with our car before it joined the Island of Misfits. Now our payments will be higher due to a wonderful little scenario called negative equity lay-over.

Then, a couple days later I found myself in the hospital. This was not crash related. I had a scheduled surgery from a year ago that had finally come to pass. I had the happy chance of staying awake through the whole thing and gained a whole new perspective.

When I was lying there in recovery and saw other patients coming out their long sleep (To sleep, per chance to dream!) I was grateful. I saw the lady beside me hacking and wheezing as she drew forth from the murky darkness of chemically induced unconsciousness. I called over in my cheery, perky sing-song voice.

“Hey! How are you doing?”

She looked at me in somewhat zombie-like gaze and with her best gusto responded.

“uhhhhh. Okay.”

“You look great!” I chimed.

“Did…I talk in my sleep?”

We then began a really interesting chat about lots of things as her mind came to. I was grateful for the chance to brighten her day. That is the secret to getting through these tough days and weeks. Service. Rendered freely and without any thought of compensation. Suddenly, the clouds part and life improves and yet everything seems the same.

Its all pespective.