For this logo, I wanted something different and yet representative of a writing club that is Sharing and Talking About Writingour credo and slogan.

I brainstormed what we do during and between our meetings: oral sharing (in meetings), critiquing (in meetings), exercises (in meetings), market and competition announcements (in meetings), prompts (for between meetings), writing (between meetings), editing (between meetings) and competitions (between meetings). Then I brainstormed symbols for each of these; for writing, for instance, I brainstormed pen, pencil-and-eraser, computer, and quill-and-ink.

I finally found an overarching theme: story, the symbols of which include mind, speaking and story circle. This theme and the original letterhead led, through several drafts, to this contest entry.


The logo stands for storymaking, writing and storytelling.

The writing is represented, as in the original logo, by a line across the letterhead and the quill to the right. The quill also symbolizes the act of writing and the writer.

The storymaking and storytelling are represented by the story circle to the left.

The story circle includes: the campfire, the storyteller sitting on a rock, the audience in a circle in front of the campfire and opposite the storyteller, and the story characters — an owl, a musical note, a four-legged animal and the ghost bird or spirit, the fleeting muse of the writer — emerging from the shadowed wild behind the storyteller into the firelight.

A more distant look at this scene reveals a human head, with the rock the storyteller is sitting on as the eye, the audience as his or her hair, the ghost bird forming the chin, mouth and bottom of the nose, and the border between the real storyteller and the imaginary story characters forming the upper nose and forehead. The storytelling then also represents storymaking, the telling or creation of story in the person’s head, with the storyteller on the rock providing the vision and voice within, and with the emergence of story characters into the story “from an outside source”. The ghost bird is still a story muse.

The line between the story circle and the quill also represents the flowing of ideas across the letterhead from the story circle to the quill and back again, so storymaking to writing to storytelling, all key activities of the Write Group. It ties in with our old slogan, Picture the purls penned on our paper, as it invokes the dynamic and purl of flowing and churning currents. And it ties in with our new slogan, Writers sharing and talking about writing, as it connects the making, writing and telling (all communication and shared visualization) key to writing and what our group does.

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