The Write Group Logo Competition for best letterhead logo for the Write Group is now open. (Update: The contest closed in 2018. This announcement and the accompanying submissions are archived.)

Our current logo uses an old Write Group interim slogan and a Copy Zero clip image, but the image has turned up on a few other sites as well and the slogan has been upgraded to our credo. Therefore, we need a new, original letterhead logo to replace our current one.

What better excuse to strike up some friendly interaction and competition?

The logo should have our group name, The Write Group, and our group credo, Writers sharing and talking about writing. It should symbolize or represent writing in some way. And it should be 960 pixels by 260 pixels in size.
Want your design as our logo? If you are a member of the Write Group, enter the competition.

Entry Fee: Free. Deadline: None at the moment. (Closed with a winner.)

Check out the competition here. Make a letterhead logo for us that gives these candidates a run for their money.

This contest is closed. By popular vote of those attending candidate 3 was chosen as our new letterhead logo. Thank you to all who contributed candidates and voted for the winner. Let’s do something similar again.

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