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The London Annual Challenge

The London Annual Challenge, Write a Novel or a Screenplay in a Year, is a challenge, not a competition, for serious aspiring writers who need either a community or a structured weekly meetup to encourage, inspire or discipline them to write their novel or screenplay within a year.

Novelists will set goals of 1200-2000 words a week to complete a novel within the range of 50,000-100,000 words or spend 4-10 weeks planning, 20 weeks writing and 16 weeks Revising. Make sure you do the equation and stick to your word count per week.

Screenwriters can write a treatment in the first 4 months, the first draft in the following 4 months and revised drafts in the final 4 months of their undertaking.

Writers of other forms and disciplines are welcome as long as it’s a long form which will take substantial time and/or research (ex. Playwrights, Biographers) to complete.

The meetups associated with this challenge are local (London, England). If we want to mirror this meetup, it will involve our Group. Start: November 1. Deadline: October 1. October will be dedicated to publishing and optioning activities.

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